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Site-wide updates!

Site-wide updates! published on No Comments on Site-wide updates!

You may be noticing some fairly drastic changes around the site- I’ve been doing some major spring cleaning!

-The links page is no longer a barren wasteland! If you run a comic and want a link, send us a comment! Maybe we can trade 🙂 Banners for linking will be finalized and put up soon.

-All of the pages (except 0-3) have been updated and trimmed. Some pages have some fairly major changes.

-The site itself is wider, to facilitate more of that sweet sweet image space.

I don’t even know what else. @.@ BUT ACCOMPLISHMENT FEELS GOOD FRIENDS! so good. If you think anything is amiss, please let me know asap! I want the site to be as pleasant to peruse as possible <3 ~Margot

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