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page 41!

page 41! published on No Comments on page 41!

EDIT: Page 41 has arrived! (and yes, in fact Rofaryn is that much of a derp ok I am sorry if this has not been apparent)

Hallo friends! So I have to go to sleep because we’re getting on a plane at 5am (and it is 1am and Jaime is eyeballing me from across the room I’M SORRY AUGH), but here is what I’ve got so far! Pretend it’s like… a before and after… yeah… BTS kinda… The complete version will be up this weekend!

<3 <3 ;___; ALSO! If you have the Tapas app and happen to follow us there (or if you don't... YET ;DD??), we now have Tipping enabled! You can get free coins pretty easily, and anything helps! <3 in failure, margot

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