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Ch 3- Page 03

Ch 3- Page 03 published on No Comments on Ch 3- Page 03

Look, if everyone’s in town for a three day sex festival (gotta honor the goddess, remember) where you aim for a new partner every night (this definitely honors the goddess) why limit your options to your inner circle, is all I’m sayin’ (the goddess is all about that sexy socializing) ~margot

Just a silly little page to show Cel and Ro’s other side. (They get along a lot better when things aren’t trying to kill them.)
You’ve probably already noticed, but affection is very easily given in their culture. Rofaryn’s kissed all the boys on his team at one time or another, at least on the temple or cheek- it means about the same as a hug. But Celyid is definitely the easiest and most reliable one to flirt and/or make out with, when bored, or tired (or when there’s hanging Oril nearby). <3 TL;DR- Celyid and Rofaryn can't stand one another, but there's love there too, and making out is fun for them. ~Jaime

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