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Fayden’s mostly disappointed that Cin already got his boots back. Damn.

Hello everyone!

So wraps up our first chapter. It was a simple, standalone story, written so Jaime could get practice drawing things she had problems with (buildings, boys, rocks, water) And we wanted something self-contained, to see if we even liked making comics.

Well. We decided we do. (A lot, even!). So we have a second chapter already in the works, something a little more dramatic, a little more fun. Rofaryn goes undercover for a drug bust in a big city. (You’ll get to see him and Khehaic in cute party clothes, which we’ll post the designs for next 🙂 ).

We’re gonna go on a short hiatus between the two chapters; we’ll be thumbnailing out the pages, doing research and design prep and recharging our batteries a little. We’re hoping to be back by October, but we’ll give you a more specific date when we get closer!

(Also we’re not tabling at Yaoi-con, but we will be promo’ing the comic! So if you’re going, keep an eye out and say hi! <3)

In the meanwhile, we’ll be posting Kindred Skies concepts, designs, and other fun stuff like illustrations and short stories on our Patreon! There’s already content there, and we’d love your support <3 <3
Thank you for reading, you beautiful people,

Margot and Jaime

  • Naquat

    I think Cin’s new ritual garb is cool! Y’all should think about keeping it

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