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Rcute if you like punkass losersofaryn

Often questions why he’s in charge, but he takes care of his weird little scrap family.


Cnot even a punk. too
The newbie from a faraway city outside the sands, which officially makes him the weird foreigner. A shiny hero-hearted boy in a world where “hero” doesn’t count for much.


C“Charming, a great lay” – your girlfriend, probably<br> “Commitment issues, dick” – your girlfriend a week later, probablyelyid
“Charming, a great lay” – your girlfriend, probably
“Commitment issues, dick” – your girlfriend a week later, probably


Hextra hip‘rannith
The medic, if only because he has the necessary skill set. He’s thrilled. Taking care of bleeding and/or diseased people thrust his way is truly his only joy in life. Truly.


Kmade of what? oh, boyfriend material, that makes sensehehaic
The smart one. Possesses an uncanny knack for all things mechanical and explosive (but especially both). Warm and loving, Khehaic is their big, glue-y rock.


Fnot made of boyfriend material at all, but comes pre-shrunk. what a plus!ayden
Sproingy, temperamental little ball of snark. If Khehaic is involved, he’s there. Mean, but not always on purpose. He fits into lots of small places though, so they keep him around.


Jnot even a little hipevai
Quiet and deadly. Jevai’s checkered past led him to the group, and being adopted into their strange little family keeps him there. He keeps the rest of them at the top of their fighting game.


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