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pro tip: making out more often leaves way less tension in the air, friends

…just sayin’

Also! Margot wrote a short story for patreon peeps- it’s open to anyone to read! 🙂 In the story Rofaryn falls ill, and the rest of the boys band together to take care of him. Sorta. Drama/Fluff and you get to know Rofaryn and Fayden a little bit better <3 Enjoy!



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Celyid thinks Cin is a little exasperating sometimes, but they seem to get along well enough eventually. <3 So we've been writing stories with these boys for awhile, but back when we started with this script and wrote that Celyid and Cin would be spending so much time alone, I realized we'd never really done that in any our other stories. And with Cin being new, it was a struggle trying to figure out how they felt about each other... But now I think they're cute.



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Rofaryn’s special skill: completely ruining Celyid’s best-laid plans.
‘Least they’re both looking out for Cin 😉

Also! We finally started a Patreon!

Please consider donating. It’ll help us pay for the hosting on our main site and even just a dollar would be greatly appreciated. Also we’re gonna post all the background stuff about the characters and the world in themed snippets. Also short stories, and extra art, and everything else we can throw at you *_* It’s gonna be super cool!
This week’s theme will be up this weekend, and it’ll be on wedding rituals. Tell us in the comments below what else you would find interesting! 😀

Thanks for all your support, you’ve been great. <3

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