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Ro, as always, is thrilled.

this is the second to last page of this chapter. It’s been a crazy year! We’re looking forward to starting up chapter two, which we’re currently working on… We’ll be going on a short planned hiatus to get that ready for you (and us ready for it, etc, etc.) You can find updates on our progress at our Patreon! Check it out~~ <3 <3

(OK, so this is… a tad late. Sincerest sorries! Margot had some life stuff going on, and Jaime started a new job and ended an old one, and this update got a little pushed in the shuffle. BUT IT’S HERE NOW <3)


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Yeahhhh, Rofaryn’s not thrilled… and he’s not gonna be happy with Adrei anytime soon. Some things he takes to heart. Like. Y’know. His boys.

Speaking of him and his boys, the Patreon exclusive short story for him and Celyid is going up this week here! If you’re not a current Patron, there are still some fun things for you there also- check it out! <3


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Cin gets a little excitable sometimes. Rofaryn doesn’t always appreciate it, though XD Goodness that’s a lot of text for one page- we beg forgiveness. But! now we get to move along. Executive decisions at their best/worst.

There’s only a few pages left in this chapter! 😮 It’s crazy, this has a been a long, wild ride! We’ll be back at it shortly with a second chapter that we’re really excited about, though 😉

If you haven’t checked out our Kindred Skies patreon for fun insider information, exclusive illustrations and short stories and HQ pages, you’re not living! It’s super fun, come join us 😀 Even if you aren’t able to support financially, comments do feed our hearts (if not our bellies 😉 AND there’s already free extra content over there for everyone! Come say hi on Patreon!


Patreon update for June!

Patreon update for June! published on No Comments on Patreon update for June!

New Patreon update- a Mer-Rofaryn illustration! Here’s a sneak peek of our Patreon goodie for the month <3 <3 See our Patreon here~ we have some fun posts unlocked for the public, like illustrations & a short story featuring Ro & Fayden and a series of lousy incidents (AKA my jam y’all)

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Update for the next page!
Today’s page is running a little late, but we’ll be up Friday night!

Working freelance is either feast or famine… @_x and this week was no famine. Sorry for the delay! ;.;

Cin, why you gotta be so stressful

We wanted to check in with you guys, how are we doing? Are there any weird art quirks that I may have not noticed? Anything we should keep in mind when we start the second chapter? Any feedback would be helpful! Thank you, guys <3 (sidebar: page 50!! :O )


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pro tip: making out more often leaves way less tension in the air, friends

…just sayin’

Also! Margot wrote a short story for patreon peeps- it’s open to anyone to read! 🙂 In the story Rofaryn falls ill, and the rest of the boys band together to take care of him. Sorta. Drama/Fluff and you get to know Rofaryn and Fayden a little bit better <3 Enjoy!

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