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After last chapter’s disastrous debacle, Ro and the boys settle in for drinks, festivities (and maybe even some lokahs~)…’Til Taegas! Who even needed a break, anyway??

~Jaime (who weirdly insists on giving you readers actual useful information)

Uhuh. Ways. That’s the word for it

( ಠ◡ಠ )

~margot (who does not)


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Ro and Cel make Khehaic tired, sometimes, but it’s okay because he loves their dumb asses. Meanwhile, Cin’s feeling sorta homesick… but maybe he’s not the only one?

*(The Olfa are similar to elves, pointy-eared and all… if elves were vaguely terrifying outsiders that lived in hidden desert catacombs and liked sharp objects maybe a little too much. Mostly, it’s wise to keep out of their ways, even especially if they’re smiling at you. Celyid and Rofaryn are not models of wisdom; don’t try this at home kids)

Ch 3- Page 03

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Look, if everyone’s in town for a three day sex festival (gotta honor the goddess, remember) where you aim for a new partner every night (this definitely honors the goddess) why limit your options to your inner circle, is all I’m sayin’ (the goddess is all about that sexy socializing) ~margot

Just a silly little page to show Cel and Ro’s other side. (They get along a lot better when things aren’t trying to kill them.)
You’ve probably already noticed, but affection is very easily given in their culture. Rofaryn’s kissed all the boys on his team at one time or another, at least on the temple or cheek- it means about the same as a hug. But Celyid is definitely the easiest and most reliable one to flirt and/or make out with, when bored, or tired (or when there’s hanging Oril nearby). <3 TL;DR- Celyid and Rofaryn can't stand one another, but there's love there too, and making out is fun for them. ~Jaime

page 2

page 2 published on No Comments on page 2

Fayden continues being overly familiar, Ro is suspicious, and H’rannith is… well, himself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ among others!

Thanks for reading along so far, and we’ll be back in two weeks with another page! In the meantime, you can hear more about other Kindred Skies stories and shenanigans on our Patreon (now that things have settled down there, at least for now…)

Chapter 2 begins!

Chapter 2 begins! published on 1 Comment on Chapter 2 begins!

We’re back! New town, new adventures, same losers 😉 V’ta isn’t much like Kanas… for one thing, our boys are much more welcome this time around! (Fayden’s feelin’ a little too welcome, clearly enough).

(We’re so happy to be back- we missed everyone! Pages will return just as before, every two weeks… (though we’re more than halfway to hitting the first milestone on our Patreon, which means putting out an extra page every month! :o) (Not to mention the extra art, stories, and fun background info available just for Patrons :D)

Chapter 2 is here Friday~!

Chapter 2 is here Friday~! published on No Comments on Chapter 2 is here Friday~!

Hey, everyone! We’re back! (alllmost)… The first page of chapter two will be up on Friday! Unless you’re one of our absolutely wonderful Patrons– in which case, you get your first page today *confetti confetti* as well as other fun Patreon-exclusive art, stories, and reward tiers.

In the meantime, check out our new banner! See you Friday!


CHAPTER 2 IS ALMOST HERE~~ published on No Comments on CHAPTER 2 IS ALMOST HERE~~

Our mini-hiatus is almost over… which means chapter 2 is almost up to bat!! <3 We've been working hard on putting it together for you all, so keep an eye out- we're back mid-November!! See you then! Margot & Jaime


56! published on 1 Comment on 56!

Fayden’s mostly disappointed that Cin already got his boots back. Damn.

Hello everyone!

So wraps up our first chapter. It was a simple, standalone story, written so Jaime could get practice drawing things she had problems with (buildings, boys, rocks, water) And we wanted something self-contained, to see if we even liked making comics.

Well. We decided we do. (A lot, even!). So we have a second chapter already in the works, something a little more dramatic, a little more fun. Rofaryn goes undercover for a drug bust in a big city. (You’ll get to see him and Khehaic in cute party clothes, which we’ll post the designs for next 🙂 ).

We’re gonna go on a short hiatus between the two chapters; we’ll be thumbnailing out the pages, doing research and design prep and recharging our batteries a little. We’re hoping to be back by October, but we’ll give you a more specific date when we get closer!

(Also we’re not tabling at Yaoi-con, but we will be promo’ing the comic! So if you’re going, keep an eye out and say hi! <3)

In the meanwhile, we’ll be posting Kindred Skies concepts, designs, and other fun stuff like illustrations and short stories on our Patreon! There’s already content there, and we’d love your support <3 <3
Thank you for reading, you beautiful people,

Margot and Jaime

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