dumb boys & found families

Chapter 2 begins!

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We’re back! New town, new adventures, same losers 😉 V’ta isn’t much like Kanas… for one thing, our boys are much more welcome this time around! (Fayden’s feelin’ a little too welcome, clearly enough). (We’re so happy to be back- we missed everyone! Pages will return just as before, every two weeks… (though we’re more… Continue reading Chapter 2 begins!

page 2

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Fayden continues being overly familiar, Ro is suspicious, and H’rannith is… well, himself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ among others! Thanks for reading along so far, and we’ll be back in two weeks with another page! In the meantime, you can hear more about other Kindred Skies stories and shenanigans on our Patreon (now that things have settled down… Continue reading page 2

Ch 3- Page 03

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Look, if everyone’s in town for a three day sex festival (gotta honor the goddess, remember) where you aim for a new partner every night (this definitely honors the goddess) why limit your options to your inner circle, is all I’m sayin’ (the goddess is all about that sexy socializing) ~margot Just a silly little… Continue reading Ch 3- Page 03


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Ro and Cel make Khehaic tired, sometimes, but it’s okay because he loves their dumb asses. Meanwhile, Cin’s feeling sorta homesick… but maybe he’s not the only one? *(The Olfa are similar to elves, pointy-eared and all… if elves were vaguely terrifying outsiders that lived in hidden desert catacombs and liked sharp objects maybe a… Continue reading Ch2-Pg4