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The Story


Set in a desert wasteland where being a mercenary is often just a good honest living, Rofaryn and his men struggle to make their way in a world of goddesses and sorcerers, drugrunners and warlords.

The Authors


Jaime Camille

Artist and co-creator/writer. Jaime spends far too many hours working behind a desk. But she works in animation, so she can’t complain too much. Then she comes home and draws this silly thing. It’s her ugly, perfect baby.
She likes hugs, chocolate chip cookies, and talking about books. That’s your secret cheat code to being her friend.

Her tumblr is trash. Follow it anyway.

Margot Jane

Co-creator and writer, as well as siterunner. Colors and does general finishing work on the pages. crazy lame. works in the majestic hollywood dream machine. Also does photography. Loves photography. Would eat photography if it came in flavors other than developer. Avid dreamer, but less than avid doer, which is where Jaime comes in, playing the uber-hit role of ULTIMATE MOTIVATOR.

Follow her on facebook and tumblr and even twitter. she totally loves it when you do that.

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