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Chapter 2 is here Friday~!

Chapter 2 is here Friday~! published on No Comments on Chapter 2 is here Friday~!

Hey, everyone! We’re back! (alllmost)… The first page of chapter two will be up on Friday! Unless you’re one of our absolutely wonderful Patrons– in which case, you get your first page today *confetti confetti* as well as other fun Patreon-exclusive art, stories, and reward tiers.

In the meantime, check out our new banner! See you Friday!


CHAPTER 2 IS ALMOST HERE~~ published on No Comments on CHAPTER 2 IS ALMOST HERE~~

Our mini-hiatus is almost over… which means chapter 2 is almost up to bat!! <3 We've been working hard on putting it together for you all, so keep an eye out- we're back mid-November!! See you then! Margot & Jaime

Patreon update for June!

Patreon update for June! published on No Comments on Patreon update for June!

New Patreon update- a Mer-Rofaryn illustration! Here’s a sneak peek of our Patreon goodie for the month <3 <3 See our Patreon here~ we have some fun posts unlocked for the public, like illustrations & a short story featuring Ro & Fayden and a series of lousy incidents (AKA my jam y’all)

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page 32… soon!

page 32… soon! published on No Comments on page 32… soon!

Hi lovelies! Margot here. I managed to scratch my eye (how? no one knows these things) so due to eye patch related issues, the comic’s going to be a couple days late so I can let my eye rest and heal up proper before getting back to finishing the page.

signing off,

Site-wide updates!

Site-wide updates! published on No Comments on Site-wide updates!

You may be noticing some fairly drastic changes around the site- I’ve been doing some major spring cleaning!

-The links page is no longer a barren wasteland! If you run a comic and want a link, send us a comment! Maybe we can trade 🙂 Banners for linking will be finalized and put up soon.

-All of the pages (except 0-3) have been updated and trimmed. Some pages have some fairly major changes.

-The site itself is wider, to facilitate more of that sweet sweet image space.

I don’t even know what else. @.@ BUT ACCOMPLISHMENT FEELS GOOD FRIENDS! so good. If you think anything is amiss, please let me know asap! I want the site to be as pleasant to peruse as possible <3 ~Margot

New name!

New name! published on No Comments on New name!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be transitioning to our new title- Kindred Skies! We’re pretty hyped y’all. We’ll be changing out the banner soon.

In the meantime, we were featured in very first issue of Draco Plato’s awesome online comic anthology, St. Art Faire! You can (and should) read it here! We’re in great company, and looking forward to the next issue come April 🙂 If you have a comic or articles about webcomics/culture, you can submit your work to be in an upcoming issue. #justdoit

hello lovelies~

hello lovelies~ published on No Comments on hello lovelies~

Welcome! <3 Kindred Sun has been in the works for quite some time now, and we’re super excited to share the first 7 pages with you!

(like, seriously super excited, you do not even know ok)

The comic will update every two weeks for now, as we’re both ‘Working Adults’, or something crazy like that.

(If by any slight chance you’re here from a link in the YaoiCon anthology under Margot’s short story ‘Incubus-Adjacent’, drop a message and say hi! 😀 Or you, know, say hi anyway. We’re like, scary friendly.)



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